Recent Payouts

You can withdraw your earnings as soon as your account reaches Rs.1000/-. You will receive your Payments every week by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order or Paytm, you can choose your preferred payment method to receive your payments.

Below are some of our recent Payouts,

Name City Mobile Amount Payment Method Pay Date
Ramesh Verma Mumbai 98XXXXXX10 Rs.12000 Bank Transfer 20/05/2019
Priya Singh Prayagraj 87XXXXXX83 Rs.13000 Bank Transfer 21/05/2019
Madhuri Solanki Agra 78XXXXXX17 Rs.15000 UPI 21/05/2019
Mohammed Aslam Aligarh 74XXXXXX43 Rs.20,000 Google Pay 21/05/2019
Pooja Patel Navi Mumbai 93XXXXXX76 Rs.17000 Bank Transfer 21/05/2019
Fatima Sheikh Bangalore 63XXXXXX51 Rs.12000 Paytm 21/05/2019
Raju Pandit Varanasi 79XXXXXX30 Rs.18000 Bank Transfer 21/05/2019
Zoya Khan Hyderabad 80XXXXXX96 Rs.30,000 Bank Transfer 21/05/2019
Nikita Sharma Ankleshwar 98XXXXXX22 Rs.14000 Bank Transfer 21/05/2019
Mayank Agrawal New Delhi 95XXXXXX31 Rs.27000 Bank Transfer 22/05/2019
Neha Chauhan Rajsthan 93XXXXXX93 Rs.16000 UPI 22/05/2019
Shraddha Kulkarni Mumbai 78XXXXXX21 Rs.15,600 Bank Transfer 04/06/2019
ManiKandan Kerala 88XXXXXX95 Rs.14000 Bank Transfer 01/06/2019
Gurpreet Kaur Ludhiana 63XXXXXX12 Rs.23050 Bank Transfer 04/06/2019
Tasleem Khan Kolkata 78XXXXXX40 Rs.28,000 UPI 05/06/2019
Sangeeta Khatri Thane 98XXXXXX87 Rs.25,500 Bank Account 05/06/2019
Mohini Patil Palghar 93XXXXXX48 Rs.19,600 Google Pay 06/06/2019
Prem Yadav Noida 78XXXXXX31 Rs.13400 Bank Transfer 06/06/2019
Rakesh Saini Dehradun 85XXXXXX91 Rs.25,000 Bank Account 10/06/2019
Priti Sharma New Delhi 95XXXXXX06 Rs.16,000 UPI Address 10/06/2019
Fatima Tazneen Bengaluru 96XXXXXX18 Rs.35,000 Bank Account 11/06/2019
Atif Ali Aligarh 78XXXXXX04 Rs.24,500 UPI Address 11/06/2019
Raguveer Das Bokaro 99XXXXXX28 Rs.22,000 Bank Transfer 11/06/2019
Mayuri Thakur Allahabad 79XXXXXX64 Rs.19,500 Bank Transfer 11/06/2019
Mayur Dwivedi Samastipur 76XXXXXX70 Rs.22,500 Bank Account 11/06/2019
Maithili Garg Pune 78XXXXXX30 Rs.17880 Bank Transfer 15/06/2019
Rishikesh Mourya Chandigarh 98XXXXXX65 Rs.24000 NEFT 15/06/2019